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  • Sherri & Allan Collier

How to Stay Safe in Morocco: Scams you need to know about.

We recently travel to Morocco and wanted to share some safety tips with you if you plan to visit, however, many of these would apply to other busy or third world countries as well.

First things first, NOTHING IS FREE!!

Don’t take anything handed to you, once you have it, they will try to make you buy it and will not take it back. They will offer you free tea, then want you to pay for it. They will bring you what you think are free appetizers but charge you for them, ask if it is free. They will want to take a picture with you, but you must pay for them; do it, they are great pictures and give them about 20 Dirhams ($2).

Watch out for overly friendly people who want to help; they take you to their store where you will be forced to buy something, or they will give you directions to a place you want to go but it will be to their store.

Everything sold is negotiable, start bargaining at half their cost; they will act mad and insulted but that is their game.

Watch for fake items, fossils, oils, beggars, etc.

Rug salesmen will unfold every rug in their shop to sell you one; they will make you feel so bad they destroyed their shop to make you buy one.

Watch for two different menus at a restaurant compared to the final bill; take a picture of the menu while ordering.

Women will spill henna ink on a female tourist's hand then apologize and promise to fix it with a tattoo; just wipe it off and say no thank you. Be aware of the ink they use if you do decide to get a tattoo!

Be aware of fake drug sales or a sale followed up by a real cop who asks for money in lieu of jail.

Special Notes:

Pickpockets are everywhere; be aware in crowded spots where everyone is bumping into each other. Some old person working with them will fall, and everyone helps them, and the pickpockets begin their work. In the crowds it would be easy to grab your bag or phone and run away.

But once you settle in you will soon realize this is just their way of life; it is safe, overwhelming, fun, intimidating, and amazing!!



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