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  • Sherri & Allan Collier

The Ultimate Travel Essentials: Must-Have Items to Buy Before Your Trip

Everything I pack in my bags!

Ensuring safety during your travels is paramount. Smart planning, such as securing your luggage with locks, can greatly enhance your peace of mind, especially when staying in hostels or leaving your bags unattended in a hotel's storage area. Adding TSA locks to your bag is a simple yet effective way to safeguard your valuables. I personally prefer combination locks for the added convenience; no need to worry about losing keys.

Packing efficiently is crucial to avoid wrinkles in your clothes while traveling. Nobody wants to spend their vacation ironing. That's where Downey Wrinkle Release spray comes in handy. I always carry a travel-sized bottle, and within five minutes or less, it works its magic, leaving my clothes wrinkle-free.

Hydration is essential, especially when flying, given the low humidity on airplanes, which can quickly lead to dehydration. My go-to water bottle for staying hydrated is the Awala insulated stainless steel bottle. It can keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and is easy to use with its one-press button.

Another indispensable item for me is an eye mask. Whether on long-haul flights or in a bright hostel or Airbnb room, it helps block out unwanted light. The Alaska Bear Silk eye Mask mask is my preferred choice due to its soft, breathable, and cooling properties.

To protect against pickpockets, men should avoid keeping their wallet in their back pocket, which is also better for your back. I recommend the Nomadic Wallet for its functionality and security. I also recommended RFID blockers

Don't forget to pack a voltage converter to ensure your electronic devices work properly abroad. Additionally, an Anker power strip with USB ports can be a lifesaver in places where outlets are scarce, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

For a peaceful journey, consider investing in Sony noise canceling headphones . They are comfortable, offer Bluetooth connectivity, and come with a cord and adapter for in-flight entertainment systems. Although they may be pricier, their quality makes them worth it.

A handy tool to relieve muscle tension is the Spike Ball made of firm rubber. It's perfect for massaging your feet or other body parts after a day of walking or a long flight.

At my age, I don't ever travel without my compression socks . My legs and feet always hurt with the pressure of the plane and my socks relieve the pain. They also go first in my travel bag.

Compression cubes that are see through are excellent for organizing and saving space in your luggage. They come in various sizes and help keep your belongings tidy.

If you need hairstyling tools on your travels, a curling iron and straightener two-in one option with adjustable temperature and voltage compatibility can be a convenient choice.

Lastly, a packable daypack is a must for one-bag travelers. The Natural Hike Veer 18 L packable daypack offers the perfect balance between portability and functionality, with quality materials, mesh straps, a chest strap, a water bottle pocket, and an inflatable back panel.



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