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  • Sherri & Allan Collier

Travel Hack: How to get points/money back if the price drops after you booked a ticket!

If you've purchased an airline ticket and notice that the price dropped, you can contact the airline to request a re-issuance of the ticket at the reduced price, entitling you to a refund. Keep in mind that certain airlines might issue this refund in the form of travel credits usable within their services. It's important to note that this process is effective when booking directly with the airline, not through third-party travel agents like bookit or Expedia. This policy also extends to award tickets. This is a successful hack that has allowed me to get points back simply by monitoring the prices.

For instance, if you've used 24,000 points to book a ticket and later discover that the same ticket now costs 14,000 points, you can either call or access the airline's online portal to have the ticket re-issued, resulting in a points difference refund. This practice applies similarly to car rentals. Remember, this strategy is only applicable when making direct bookings with the airline, hotel, or car rental company.



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